Slit Lamp Digital Imaging Systems

EDO technology
and the demise of the slit lamp blind fold.

Unfortunately, many eye care professionals have functionally blindfolded themselves through continued use of old-technology slit lamps and slit lamp camera systems. As a result of these “blindfolds”, early changes often go undetected for certain diseases in the anterior segment.

But there’s good news. EDO technology from TelScreen can remove the slit lamp blindfold. And that means an increase in the early diagnoses of changing eye conditions.

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EDO Technology

Medical Eye exams use one of two types of technologies:

  1. “Ordinary” slit lamp and slit lamp camera technology from 1968 to present, or
  2. “The latest EDO” (Enhanced Diagnostic Outcomes) technology

“Ordinary” slit lamps & cameras are generally adequate for routine vision and simple medical eye exams. However, these ordinary devices typically lack the critical performance that is needed for a “complete” ocular health assessment and complex differential diagnosis. The fact is that many subtle and early-stage medical-eye conditions are nearly invisible with these older devices.

EDO devices can reveal these ordinarily “invisible” eye conditions. EDO technology uses proprietary EDO lens characteristics, EDO slit lamp design, specialized ocular alignment algorithms, unique EDO camera elements, and customized EDO software to view [with EyeRes-SL] and to capture [with EyeRes-IS] remarkable images that are un-seeable by most non-EDO systems.

Ordinary vs. EDO – the numbers tell the story: non-EDO systems provide documented views for only 50% – 70% of the available medically-necessary ICD codes. EDO technology guarantees audit-quality documented views of all 559 nationally-recognized ICD codes for Anterior and External Ocular abnormalities.


The EyeRes Product Line:

  • The EyeRes-IS™ EDO imaging system from TelScreen…lets you document images & videos of pathologies that are invisible to other slit lamp cameras
  • The EyeRes-SL™ EDO slit lamp from TelScreen…shows subtle details that can be missed.
  • The EyeRes-FEF™ fluorescein-enhancing filter from TelScreen…visualizes dry patterns and other corneal problems in amazing clarity.
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