Slit Lamp Digital Imaging Systems
Services Description Price
SLMD-250 On-Site Slit-Lamp Preparation (1.5 hours)

  • Level slit-lamp table if needed
  • Lubricate slit-lamp
  • Clean/align slit-lamp image-path optics
  • Clean/align slit-lamp light-source optics
  • Install light-source ND filter(s) if needed
included with system purchase
INST-250 On-Site System Installation (5.0 hours)

  • Ergonomic monitor/computer/accessories placement and mounting
  • Reposition pole-mounted instruments if needed
  • Integrate/align camera optics with slit-lamp optics
  • Route slit-lamp table and camera cabling
  • Route monitor and computer cabling
included with system purchase
* Prices valid for continental US only, for other regions please call for a quote.


Many equipment companies price their products with the assumption that they will ship boxes of parts and the practice will setup the instrument in the doctor’s practice. Other companies will add-on an after-sale charge for on-site equipment installation, and then they will contract with an independent general installer to open the boxes, plug in the cables, and do a simple “turn-on electrical test.” With those companies, doctor “training” is limited typically to “read the manual.” TelScreen’s goal is to deliver High-Technology Equipment and Expertise by advanced-degreed professional personnel to ensure that doctors can take good images of various eye structures and abnormalities, and can generate new revenue for medical photo documentation procedures. To accomplish this goal, we start by preparing your slit-lamp to give the best possible slit-lamp operation (all imaging systems are limited by the quality of the slit-lamp!).  Next, we install the EyeRes System, align the newly combined slit-lamp and camera system optics, and neatly secure the system cables. This provides safe, interference-free, optimal ergonomics for maximum system use. Then, we provide training materials to doctors regarding principles of lighting, field of view, depth of field, and resolution for various external and internal eye structures, training materials to staff regarding quick patient image record setup and minimal system maintenance, and training materials to doctors and billing personnel regarding CPT and ICD coding for medical insurance reimbursement of photography procedures. TelScreen’s focus on Slit-Lamp preparation, ergonomic System installation, and intensive photo documentation and reimbursement training gives only one end result: happy, productive, and profitable practices!  

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