Slit Lamp Digital Imaging Systems


TelScreen offers a unique system which retro-fits most older and newer slit lamps. The EyeRes-IS™ system is a complete turn-key system, which includes specialized computer (hardware and software), programmed LCD monitor, and on-site technical services (optical alignment, slit-lamp preparation), on-site expert training (tutorials on software-use, photography principles, and photo coding), and the best warranty in the industry.

Only TelScreen offers:

  1. Clear images of cobalt-blue tear-film break-up!
  2. High resolution images of corneal cross-sections without background lighting or high-intensity flash!
  3. Great images of detailed Fluorescein and Lissamine Green staining!
  4. Images with a huge depth of focus beyond that in the eyepiece view!
  5. Camera “auto-adjustments” for better digital images with less doctor time!
  6. Lowest pixel error for the best resolution in slit-lamp digital imaging!
  7. 3-click image labeling with ICD description and code!
  8. Full-resolution, 30 digital images per second movie clips!
  9. And much more
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