Slit Lamp Digital Imaging Systems
Optometrists and ophthalmologists obtained the following images in a normal office setting after a very short training experience (only 30 minutes in some cases) with the Platinum EyeRes imaging system. These images have had no computer enhancement of any kind, and were taken without the use of any background illumination. Click on any image to view at full size.


A slit-lamp imaging system is a communication tool for use with four distinct audiences:

  1. Patients. When was the last time you saw a patient and thought, “I wish you were making better decisions about your health!” When you show a photo and say “I’m concerned about” something, the patient immediately attaches more importance to the discussion.
  2. Your future self. If you see 400 patients between initial presentation and first follow-up, you’re probably not going to remember exactly what you saw originally. When you have a photo from the initial visit and a photo from the follow-up visit, you can easily assess the rate of change of the condition. You now have evidence for changing the treatment plan, or for keeping it the same. Use the photos to efficiently and clearly communicate with the patient.
  3. Colleagues in your office. In a multi-provider office it is sometimes necessary to see someone else’s patient for a follow-up visit. Wouldn’t you like to have a photo from the previous visit? Similarly, when someone sees your patient for a follow-up, wouldn’t you like to have a photo from that visit when you see the patient again? Images and videos help to provide continuity of care.
  4. Other eye care professionals. When you’re sending a patient to someone else, also send a photo so the doctor knows what it looked like at the start. When sending a report back to a referring doctor, include a photo so the primary care doctor knows what you did. Professional communication creates future referrals.
  • Programmable 3-chip camera with 42 million pixels per square inch
  • Captures Still Images or Video at 30 digital images per second
  • Custom optics are available to fit most slit lamps
  • Onsite training on principles of slit lamp photography
  • High Performance Computer & dedicated imaging hardware
  • LCD monitor and articulated arm for best ergonomics
  • Battery backup with surge and noise suppression
  • Automatic system shutdown after power failure
  • External drive for data backup
  • 12-Month Parts Warranty
  • 12-Month Labor Warranty
  • 12-Month Coding & Billing Support so you get paid appropriately
  • 12-Month Remote Technical Support
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