Slit Lamp Digital Imaging Systems
TelScreen offers two Imaging Systems, the EyeRes Platinum system (List $15,409) and the EyeRes Gold system (List $12,909). The Gold system is designed to produce audit-quality images of non-transparent structures such as lids, lashes, iris, conjunctiva, etc. The Platinum system produces higher-resolution images of:

  • Transparent structures, such as the cornea and lens
  • Fluorescein and Lissamine Green staining
  • Posterior structures, such as the optic disc and macula

TelScreen doesn’t “nickel and dime” you with add-on charges. All systems include shipping, handling, full insurance, and sturdy packaging. Unlike some companies, we don’t just ship you a box of parts. All systems include onsite installation in your exam room and hands-on training for doctors and staff.

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