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Infrared System

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Infrared Camera

TelScreen’s Infrared Camera will attach to your existing slit lamp
or to an EyeRes slit lamp.

We recommend the EyeRes slit lamp for maximum viewing resolution.

TelScreen’s Functional Meibography is a new approach, which captures the Infrared energy emitted by the Meibomian glands to produce an “energy map” that indicates which areas of the glands are consuming cellular ATP. Brighter spots indicate higher metabolic function, so you know which parts of the glands are working.

Traditionally, Infrared (IR) light sources have been used to send IR energy through the lids to an IR camera which creates an image of the Meibomian glands. With computer processing, this initial technology produces IR images which only indicate the presence of Meibomian glands. For optimal eye health, the glands have to be working; it isn’t enough to just “show up!”

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