Slit Lamp Digital Imaging Systems

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Gold System

TelScreen’s slit-lamp imaging system includes a programmable 1-chip sensor for maximum image quality.

Private practice optometrists and ophthalmologists obtained the following images in a normal office setting after a very short training experience (only 30 minutes in some cases) with the Gold EyeRes imaging system. These images have had no computer enhancement of any kind, and were taken without the use of any background illumination. Click on any image to view at full size.

The EyeRes Gold system, lists at $14,899. This system is designed to produce audit-quality images of non-transparent structures such as lids, lashes, iris, conjunctiva, etc.

TelScreen doesn’t “nickel and dime” you with add-on charges. Our systems includes shipping, handling, full insurance, and sturdy packaging. Unlike some companies, we don’t just ship you a box of parts. Our system includes onsite installation in your exam room and hands-on training for doctors and staff.

  • 1-chip camera with 14 million pixels per square inch
  • Captures Still Images or Video at 30 digital images per second
  • Custom optics are available to fit most slit lamps
  • Onsite training on principles of slit lamp photography
  • High Performance Computer & dedicated imaging hardware
  • LCD monitor and articulated arm for best ergonomics
  • Battery backup with surge and noise suppression
  • Automatic system shutdown after power failure
  • External drive for data backup
  • 12-Month Parts Warranty
  • 12-Month Labor Warranty
  • 12-Month Coding & Billing Support so you get paid appropriately
  • 12-Month Remote Technical Support
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