Slit Lamp Digital Imaging Systems
  • I’m still loving the imaging system. My favorite part of it is patient education. I can more effectively monitor anterior segment conditions and compliance has been great now that patients can see their eye problems. I do all my own billing and coding and was already comfortable billing fundus photos so it’s been a seamless addition.
        Brittney McWilliams, O.D., Evansville, IN
  • The EyeRes Slit-Lamp Digital Imaging system has improved my clinical care by being able to capture the disease and educate the patient on the healing process.
        Jason R. Miller, O.D., Powell, OH
  • Great for Patient Education.
        Katherine Mastrota, O.D., New York, NY
  • The image quality is fantastic. Patients leave feeling they spent ample time with the doctor because image-based education increases their understanding.
        Paul Karpecki, O.D.
  • TelScreen’s system is a medically-useful tool that also makes great business sense. My practice now has 7 systems.
        I. Ben Gaddie, O.D.
  • I use TelScreen’s imaging system as the backbone for optimizing patient outcomes. The videos that I capture are amazing for monitoring my patients’ conditions, for educating patients and ultimately for encouraging compliance.
    Pat, what can I say. You have been so gracious and supportive over the years. Your willingness to help with the workshops was phenomenal. Your imaging system is remarkable. It creates such a great learning experience for those at the workshop and gives other attendees the ability to see what the person looking through the slit lamp is seeing!

    Thank you again for the support and truly making the workshop a success!!
        Mile Brujic, O.D.

  • I’m ecstatic about my EyeRes system!
        Sean Kull, O.D., Orono, ME
  • I LOVE your system, use it every day. The image quality is amazing; I can capture individual cells in the anterior chamber. I practice mostly medical optometry so I treat a lot of disease and using your system makes my patients understand their conditions better and allows me to document their treatment progress. Every one I have dealt with at your company has been friendly and extremely professional. I would have to say it was one of the best investments I’ve made.
        Donald J. Higgins, O.D., Plainville, CT
  • I have been using your system since January and it is one of the best investments I have made.
        Mike Herrera, O.D., Sante Fe, NM
  • Within the first week the EyeRes System has already proved to be a great educational tool for non-compliant contact lens patients.
        David Fullenkamp, O.D., Portland, IN
  • The EyeRes system is great for explaining therapeutic regimens to patients!
        Idowu Awosika, O.D., Maysville, KY
  • TelScreen has revolutionized my patient education. Patients love viewing the reasons for their vision problems. Additionally, in an era of miserable customer service, TelScreen has shined as they have always treated me as if I was their one and only client.
        Jeff Klosterman, O.D., Harrodsburg, KY
  • I actually use it far more than I bill for. It is a perfect patient compliance tool for contact lens patients.
        Starla K. Meigs, O.D., Smithville, TN
  • Increases Patient Retention and Patient Compliance.
        Siman Shini, O.D., College Station, TX
  • Very Happy, (Photos are) A Money Maker.
        Lester Kitchen, O.D., Austin, TX
  • Great, Family watches Monitor during Eye Exam.
        Michael Blackburn, O.D., Birmingham, AL
  • System is Simple to Use, Great Educational Tool for Patients.
        Lisa Privett, O.D., Alamo, TN
  • Best Educational Tool for Increasing Patient Compliance For Everything.
        Douglas Hanson, O.D., Rexburg, ID
  • Great Patient Education.
        Mark Richardson, O.D., Porter, TX
  • Great to Show Patient Their Condition rather than Just a Drawing or Words.
        Kelby Trusty, O.D., Denton, TX
  • Patients are Impressed with the High Quality Technology.Easy to Use and Very Beneficial to Patients.
        Chris Walls, O.D., Grenada, MS
  • Helps Care for and Monitor Eye Disease.
        Gregory Barcus, O.D., Battle Ground, WA
  • Very Happy and getting Reimbursed.
        Michael Keverline, M.D., Chesapeake, VA
  • Easy to Use and Quick.
        David Regan, O.D., Wayland, MA
  • Very Happy, Educates Patient, and Increases Practice Revenues.
        Ahmed Said, O.D., Dunn NC
  • Good Resolution and Quality.
        Gregory Stainer, M.D., Bakersfield, CA
  • Best Camera, Best Support.
        J. Eric Vandemark, O.D., Findlay, OH
  • Integrates easily into the eye exam.
        Paul Herrell, M.D., Hopkinsville, KY
  • Great Practice Builder.
        Robert Aube, Jr. O.D., Rocky Hill, CT
  • Excellent Show and Tell with Patients.
        Robert Harvey, O.D., Neillsville, WI
  • The most valuable equipment that I’ve ever purchased for my Practice.
        Lily Yeh, O.D., Enfield, CT
  • A Pleasure to do Business with this Company.
        Michael Tinkelman, O.D., Bellefonte, PA
  • Great Educational Tool with Patients.
        J. Scott Richardson, O.D., Carroll, IA
  • Well Designed System.
        Willis Hendley, O.D., Albany, GA
  • Very Happy with System; good for Patient Education.
        Gregory Cavanaugh, O.D., Sidney, MT
  • System pays for itself; Patients are very Impressed.
        Lisa Moon, O.D., Grass Valley, CA
  • Great Time Saver with Patients.
        Carl Swanson, O.D., Great Falls, MT
  • Single Most Effective Instrument for Patient Education and Revenue Generation.
        Raymond Powell, O.D., Burlington, WA
  • Excellent Customer Service.
        S. Damon Smith, O.D., Louisville, KY
  • Instant Image is Most Impressive to Inform Patients about their Eyes.
        Richard Lane, O.D., Brady, TX
  • Excellent Photo-Documentation System for Anterior and Posterior Injuries and Disease.
        Frank Tangeman, O.D., Celina, OH
  • Easy to Use.
        Sam Salituro, O.D., Des Plaines, IL
  • Excellent Customer Service.
        Peter Wilcox, O.D., Hayes, VA
  • System raises our practice value to Patients.
        Mark Hardacre, O.D., Freeport, IL
  • System gets used because the System is user-friendly!
        Matthew Parsons, M.D., Provo, UT
  • Excellent System for Patient Education and Disease Documentation, and Very Profitable.
        Dennis Robinson, O.D., Freeport, IL
  • Patients are very Impressed with the Imaging Technology.
        Craig Thomas, O.D., Dallas, TX
  • Easy to Use to give Immediate Feedback to Patient.
        J. Kent Nickell, O.D., West Liberty, KY
  • TSi, Good People to Deal With.
        Richard Drayer, O.D., Versailles, KY
  • Great Pictures, Easy to Use.
        Lee Nicholson, O.D., Huntingdon, TN
  • I use the EyeRes on every patient. Patients love seeing video of their own eyes. The clarity of the video and pictures are even better than I thought they would be. I find myself not using the eyepieces!!
        Joe Woodley, O.D., Tarentum, PA
  • System operation is excellent, and photos are as good as you can take.
        Steve Mitchell, O.D., Ft. Scott, KS
  • Excellent Customer Support.
        Stephen Cruse, O.D., York, PA
  • Great “WOW?Effect and a Great Teaching Tool.
        Michael Raies, O.D., Portsmouth, OH
  • Good Customer Service.
        Kraig Abe, O.D., Cupertino, CA
  • Besides the reimbursement, System is terrific educational tool to show eye healing.
        James Tuel, O.D., Plainfield, IL
  • System is great.
        Sam Williams, O.D., Leesburg, FL
  • It pays for itself quickly.
        Rick Vihlen, O.D., Leesburg, FL
  • Great for Documentation of Disease and Great Revenue Generator.
        Trussell Thane, O.D., Samford, TX
  • Very Knowledgeable People and a Pleasure to Work With.
        Joel Kestenbaum, O.D., Plainview, NY
  • Can’t Imagine being in practice without the EyeRes System!
        Edward Harmer, O.D., Carteret, NJ
  • Outstanding for Communication, Medical Documentation, and Return-on-Investment.
        Kenneth Hansen, O.D., Ankeny, IA
  • Show and Tell is Great Practice Builder.
        Morris Neel, O.D., Keller, TX
  • Support and Installation were excellent; TSi did what they said they would do.
        John Marshall, O.D., Big Spring, TX
  • Reliable Product and People.
        Edward Saub, M.D., San Jose, CA
  • Best Educational Instrument.
        John Sims, O.D., Naperville, IL
  • Patients are amazed and System pays for itself in few months.
        Clay Mattson, O.D., Nicholasville, KY
  • Photo Data are important to better serve our patients.
        Charles Paepke, O.D., Plattsburgh, NY
  • Fast and Easy to Use with Excellent Resolution.
        Daniel Tiller, O.D., Nampa, ID
  • Easy to Use; Most Useful Piece of Equipment in my Office.
        Darby Chiasson, O.D., Cut Off, LA
  • Very Happy and getting Reimbursement.
        Eric Raynor, O.D., Hope Mills, NC
  • Great for Education and Impressing Patients.
        Chad Poole, O.D., Braselton, GA
  • Great Optics, Easy to Use.
        Michelle Harrison, O.D., Camden, TN
  • Works Great, Good Customer Service.
        Danny Mathew, O.D., Houston, TX
  • If you don’t have the TSi System, you are missing the boat!
        Herman Ginger, O.D., Pine Bluff, AR
  • Excellent Company to do Business with Company has good handle on slit-lamp photography compared to others.
        Matthew Forgues, O.D., Worchester, MA
  • Patients love it.
        Gary Johnson, O.D., Wahpeton, ND
  • Patients like the “Modern Hi-Tech;?A Profit Center in Today’s Practice.
        James Bozzuto, O.D., Pittston, PA
  • Patient WOW Factor is Awesome; Best Return on Investment of any Equipment.
        Kevin Bell, O.D., Wake Forest, NC
  • Most Affordable System that combines Anterior and Posterior Photo-Documentation.
        Frank Forgnoni, O.D., Pendleton, SC
  • Good Service.
        Thomas Mirabile, O.D., Mt. Pleasant, SC
  • Great Documentation and Reimbursement for Anterior and Posterior Disorders .
        Peter Violette, O.D., Wakefield, MA
  • Very Happy with Platinum Camera; Easy to Use; Great Patient Education.
        Kirk Whittlesey, O.D., Humboldt, IA
  • Excellent Photo Quality; Easy to Use; Very Happy.
        Garth Stevens, JR. M.D., Richmond, VA
  • Great WOW Factor for our Patients.
        Joshua Cantrell, O.D., Lees Summit, MO
  • Easy to use, (system) is great.
        Santosh Nuchikat, O.D., Cincinnati, OH
  • Easy to use, good customer service.
        Julio C. Arroyo, O.D.,, Houston, TX
  • One of the best practice building tools I have ever purchased.
        Lawrence W. Ernst, O.D., Warrenton, MO
  • It is quite versatile- anterior and posterior photos are excellent pt education.
        Gary J. Fowle, O.D., Rockford, MI
  • The people at TelScreen genuinely care about their customers.
        Joe Malee, O.D., Oak Lawn, IL
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