Slit Lamp Digital Imaging Systems

Ginger Fluorescence-Enhancing Filter, List $249. Fluorescein really pops with this filter.

There is a 40nm gap between the excitation wavelength of sodium fluorescein and the wavelength of the fluorescent emission. A very steep cutoff is required to block the excitation light without reducing the intensity of the fluorescence. This filter was co-developed by Patrick D. Harris, Ph.D. of TelScreen and Herman H. Ginger, O.D. of Ginger Eye Care in Pine Bluff, AR specifically for slit lamp viewing. It rests comfortably on the objective lens without interfering with movement of the light source.

LensMate holder and Volk/TelScreen 1.0 Digital Imaging Lens, List $1345. This combination makes it easier to get good fundus images at the slit lamp, by fixing the relationship between the slit lamp and condensing lens.

Networked Image Management Software, List $945.

This site license allows you to access EyeRes image records from any networked computer in your building.  The image management software includes full functionality for working with patient and image records.  A custom codec is required to view full-frame-rate videos.  This codec is licensed per computer and sold separately.

AcuityPro Computerized Acuity Testing Suite, $1695 first license; $799 for each additional room. Hardware sold separately; second monitor can be added to EyeRes system CPU to save cost.

This full-featured digital chart package was designed by Optometrists to provide comprehensive vision testing.  Red/green glasses and remote control are included.

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