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Haitians still need help

Although our country is not perfect, we are still blessed to live in a place where we rarely have to think about the quality of our drinking water, the source of our next meal, or the availability of health care for our children.  Many people in Haiti are much less fortunate. In 2013, TelScreen donated a slit lamp to the Global Eye Project’s clinic in Haiti to help one community move toward self-sufficiency, and real progress has been made.  So that the local providers can have access to U.S. expertise, they have asked us to donate an EyeRes Platinum imaging system, and provide a Technical Specialist to travel to Haiti to install it and train several staff.  To fund this effort, TelScreen will donate 3% of revenue from imaging systems between January 26 and March 31, 2015. If you have been thinking about an anterior-segment camera, purchasing one now will help your patients, help your business, and help the people of Haiti.  To thank you for contributing to this cause, TelScreen will include a complimentary Ginger Fluorescence-Enhancing Filter ($249 value) with each system purchased. We’re privileged to have this opportunity to help others.  I thank Anshu Chandra, O.D. for spearheading this effort.  The quality of life of many Haitians will be better because of her actions. — Wes...

We wanted a new website

… and now we have it. As a three-time father, it seems a bit like having a baby — lots of advance preparation followed by sleepless nights, unexpected messes to clean up, and plenty of additional expenses. I’m sure my wife would disagree, since she can sleep through the late-night updates, and point out my mistakes in the morning! Now that this website has a modern framework, please let me know what additional information you would like to see. If you would like to know who is taking care of our seniors, and how much they are earning for their efforts, check out the 2012 Medicare data set, presented in a convenient format here: ProPublica Report. That link is specific to anterior-segment imaging; feel free to explore other procedure codes and various specialties. Best wishes for a peaceful Thanksgiving holiday, — Wes...
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