Slit Lamp Digital Imaging Systems
TelScreen designs, manufactures, and supports EyeRes Digital Imaging Hardware and Software for slit-lamps.
The image quality is fantastic. One of the most impressive items for me is the efficiency it provides. My goal is to see 50+ patients per day while maintaining patient satisfaction. The TelScreen system allows me to eliminate seeing patients twice during the exam and to educate efficiently. I do anterior-segment photography during the slit-lamp exam. Patients leave feeling they spent ample time with the doctor because image-based education increases their understanding.

Karpecki photo small Paul Karpecki, OD

TelScreen’s system is a medically useful tool that also makes great business sense. My practice now has 7 systems. These EyeRes systems serve as the backbone for patient communication in the lane, improve patients’ understanding of their conditions and produce a positive impact on patient behavior.

Gaddie photo A Ben Gaddie, OD

I use TelScreen’s imaging system as the backbone for optimizing patient outcomes. The videos that I capture are amazing for monitoring my patients’ conditions, for educating patients and ultimately for encouraging compliance.

Pat, what can I say. You have been so gracious and supportive over the years. Your willingness to help with the workshops was phenomenal. Your imaging system is remarkable. It creates such a great learning experience for those at the workshop and gives other attendees the ability to see what the person looking through the slit lamp is seeing!

Thank you again for the support and truly making the workshop a success!!

Miles Mile Brujic, OD

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